Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Quiet One In Store

Today – Mostly Sunny; Warm – High 70º / Tonight – Partly Cloudy; Cold – Low 45º

6am 40º – 9am 52º – 12pm 64º – 3pm 70º – 6pm 65º

We are currently sitting in between two high pressure systems, allowing for sunny skies and warm weather to build into the area over the next few days. Expect high temperature to top out around 70 today. A nice warm up after a stretch of cool Fall temperatures!

NWS Surface Map

Saturday – Mostly Sunny; Warm – High 76º / Sat Night – Mostly Clear; Cool – Low 48º

Even warmer air will funnel into the area throughout the weekend. Mix sunny skies and the mid 70's and we are talking prime backyard barbecue weather.

Sunday – Mostly Sunny; Warm – High 78º / Sun Night – Mostly Clear; Cold – Low 52º

Don't be caught sitting inside Sunday. Temperatures will once again be in the mid to upper 70's with sunny skies. You may even want to go for a swim.
NAM Temperature Saturday Afternoon
NAM Temperature Sunday Afternoon
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Same Weather, Different Day

Today 10/23 – Mostly Sunny; Cool - High 64º / Tonight – Partly Cloudy; Cold - Low 38º

6am 38º - 9am 50º - 12pm 60º - 3pm 64º - 6pm 58º

Good morning, we are currently seeing temperatures near 40° this morning as we are off to another chilly start. Quiet weather will continue today with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the lower to middle 60s thanks to an area of surface high pressure to our north.
Forecast surface analysis at 7am CST today (Courtesy: WPC)
A weak shortwave trough will swing through the Ohio Valley this evening, but high pressure at the surface will keep us dry overnight. As the trough swings through we can expect a few more clouds overnight and temperatures will fall into the upper 30s.

Fri – Mostly Sunny; Warmer – High 70º / Fri Night – Mostly Clear; Cold – Low 47º

An upper-level ridge currently situated over the central U.S. will slowly shift eastward into our area beginning on Friday. This trough will help to usher in some warmer temperatures and keep our weather quiet.
Expect a beautiful day today with mostly sunny skies and a high near 70º. We can expect temperatures nearly ten degrees warmer tomorrow night with lows dropping into the upper 40s.

Sat – Mostly Sunny; Warmer – High 75º / Sat Night – Mostly Clear; Cold  – Low 48º

The combination of ridging at the upper levels of the atmosphere and surface high pressure at the lower levels will keep our weather beautiful on Saturday. While we've all been enjoying this gorgeous fall weather lately, us forecasters must admit that the weather has been a little boring.
Temperatures will be even warmer on Saturday with highs in the middle 70s. Mostly sunny skies are expected and it's looking like Saturday will be an ideal day for any outdoor plans. Low temperatures will drop into the upper 40s overnight.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Another Sunny Day

Today 10/22 - Mostly Sunny - High 67° / Tonight - Mostly Clear - Low 38°

High pressure located to the north of the region will continue to dominate the weather for the time being. With a substantial lack of appreciable moisture in the atmosphere, I do not expect much in the way of cloud cover for today.

Yesterday, the models preformed poorly in regard to the high temperature for the area. Model consensus was that the high would be in the mid 60s, however the high in Bowling Green was just shy of 70°. Thus, I'll adjust today's forecast high temperatures a bit warmer than the models. Bottom line: expect a high around 67°. Awesome, right?
Tonight, mostly clear skies will once again allow those temperatures to bottom out despite the warm daytime temperatures. Expect lows to be in the upper 30s.

Thursday 10/23 - Mostly Sunny - High 65° / Thur Night - Partly Cloudy - Low 42°

We'll see a bit of a break in the upper level ridging pattern as a weak shortwave trough intrudes the area. This feature appears to be pretty weak in the low to mid level portions of the atmosphere, thus we don't expect this to have much of an impact on Bowling Green weather conditions. A few more clouds may show up on Thursday but that's about it. Highs will remain in the mid 60s. Circled below is the shortwave mentioned above.
NAM 700mb Wind - Valid Thursday Afternoon - College of DuPage
NAM 700mb Wind - Valid Thursday Afternoon - College of DuPage
Thursday night will bring a few more clouds to the region in response to the aforementioned shortwave trough. Lows will be in the low to mid 40s.

Friday 10/24 - Partly Cloudy  -High 72° / Fri Night - Mostly Clear - Low 51°

A few clouds will remain possible as a weak disturbance moves through the region on Friday morning. A few light sprinkles may also be possible on Friday morning. As the disturbance pushes to the east of the region, moisture will begin to get depleted once again. Skies should begin clearing once more in the afternoon hours. Highs will be in the low 70s. It's Friday, be sure to get outdoors so this doesn't happen.
Conditions should clear off during the overnight hours. Lows will be in the low 50s.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beautiful Days Ahead

Today 10/21 - Partly Cloudy - High 63° / Tonight - Partly Cloudy - Low 41°

High pressure will begin to wrap around the the low pressure system and into the region. The cold front will be well to the east of the region today. We should expect partly cloudy skies to overtake much of the region. Ridging will also begin to work into the region to the west. This means we'll be placed under a northwest  flow, which will keep out temperatures in the low to  mid 60s despite mostly sunny skies.
WPC Forecast Frontal Positions - Valid Today - NOAA WPC
WPC Forecast Frontal Positions - Valid Today - NOAA WPC
Partly cloudy skies will be likely during the overnight hours tonight. The clearer skies will allow temperatures to take a tumble into the upper 40s for lows.

Wednesday 10/22 - Mostly Sunny - High 59° / Wed Night - Mostly Clear - Low 37°

Wednesday will bring another day of upper level flow from the north. This will again usher in some cooler temperatures to the area. The good thing is that there will be a lack of moisture in the region, which will deplete the rain chances for the next few days. This means sky conditions should remain mostly clear with a high just shy of 60°. Notice the red hue over much of Kentucky indicating unsaturated air aloft.
NAM Forecast Relative Humidity - Valid Wednesday Evening - College of DuPage
NAM Forecast Relative Humidity - Valid Wednesday Evening - College of DuPage
Under clear skies once again, temperatures will be allowed to plummet. Thus, you can expect to see lows in the mid to upper 30s across the area. Be sure to bundle up if you're out and about!

Thursday 10/23 - Mostly Sunny - High 62° / Thur Night - Partly Cloudy - Low 45°

On Thursday we'll see a break from the north to northwestern flow aloft. This chance will be brought about by a shortwave embedded in the longwave ridging pattern. In layman's terms, there is a kink in the jet stream pattern. Our upper to mid level flow will shift out of the south to southwest. This will allow for a slight rebound in temperatures into the low to mid 60s under mostly sunny skies. That forecast is worth a high five!
Cloud cover may increase some into the evening hours as the aforementioned shortwave trough begins to lift air over the region. This will keep low temperatures from falling too much, thus lows in the mid 40s appear possible.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Few Showers Today

Today 10/20 - Partly Cloudy - High 66° / Tonight - Partly Cloudy - Low 49°

A cold front will work through the region to start the work week. The good news is that this front will likely be pretty moisture starved. Cloudy conditions could become possible during the afternoon and evening hours as the front draws near. A few sprinkles here and there can't be ruled out, however widespread rain is not expected. Highs will be in the mid 60s, around 66° in Bowling Green.
WPC Forecast Frontal Positions - Valid Today - NOAA WPC
WPC Forecast Frontal Positions - Valid Today - NOAA WPC
As the front moves east, conditions should begin to clear out. Thus, we'll expect partly cloudy skies for the overnight hours with lows just under 50°.

Tuesday 10/21 - Partly Cloudy - High 62° / Tues Night - Partly Cloudy - Low 41°

High pressure and upper level ridging will settle into the region after the cold front departs from the region. This will result in nice, but cool weather for the next several days. On Tuesday we can expect partly cloudy skies throughout most of the day. Winds will be out of the north, which will provide some cooler high temperatures to the region. Highs will remain in the low 60s across the area. Bring out the turtleneck dance...
Tuesday night will bring partly cloudy conditions to the region and cooler temperatures once again. Lows will be just above 40°. If skies clear completely, some lows may be in the upper 30s.

Wednesday 10/22 - Partly Cloudy - High 61° / Wed Night - Clearing Skies - Low 37°

It appears that Wednesday will likely be the coolest day of the week this week. High pressure will be firmly established across the region along with upper level ridging. This will result in some northwest flow, which will bring those temperatures down. Partly cloudy skies can be expected most of the day with clouds decreasing with time. High temperatures will struggle to reach the 60s. Reminder: the pool is closed...and for good reason.
A cool night appears to be on tap across the region. Partly cloudy skies should clear out to mostly clear conditions. This will allow temperatures to drop like a rock. Low temperatures will be well into the 30s so be sure to bundle up!

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