Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heating Up

Today: Sunny, High of 93
Tonight: Clear, Low of 65
Thursday: Sunny, HOT, High of 100
Thursday Night: Clear, Low of 72
Friday: Sunny, HOT, High of 102
Friday Night: Clear, Low of 77

The current model above shows high pressure dominating the area.  This variable will help pull warm air out of the south, which will provide a warming trend for temperatures through the end of the week.  The majority of us will remain under sunny skies through this time, with the marginal chance of a stray shower/storm or two firing off during the afternoon, as peak heating sets in.

Temperatures will reach around the mid 90s today, but the remainder of the week looks a bit more concerning, as values are expected to be in the triple digits through Sunday!  It will be very important to take note of concerns regarding the nearly unbearable heat, paying close attention to staying hydrated and applying sunscreen if you must be outdoors.  By all means, if you can avoid being outside, I would advise you do so.  A few other tips are provided on the image above.

With low humidity accompanied by gusty winds, a fire weather watch has already been put into place for the entire region on Thursday.  Special attention should be given to this scenario, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you burn anything!

That will wrap up the morning forecast, friends.  Our conditions will remain quiet, but don't forget about the heat wave that's moving in.  I'll be back this afternoon with another update.  Have a great day, and thanks for reading ~ Beech Tree Weather!